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The Beginning Of Scandinavian Christianization Mission And Its Interpretation In Adam De Bremen’s Gesta Hammaburgensis

Lukas Gabriel Grzybowski

Revista Signum, 2016, vol. 17, n. 1

This paper intent to launch a new view on the problem of the Christianization of Scandinavia in the Early Middle Ages. It is not a new topic under the historians of this period, but it continues to promote vivid debate among the specialist on the history of medieval northern Europe. A new approach to the problem is intended by following the methodological propositions of the Vorstellungsgeschichte. For that some passages of Adam of Bremen’s Gesta Hammaburgensis are going to be analyzed. As a result a shifting on the general tone on the Christianization debate is observed, once the medieval author’s perspective on the narrated facts assumes the center of the discussion.

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