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Erudition and Charm Poetry in Anglo-Saxon England: Solomon & Saturn I and the Nine Herbs Charm.

Elton O. S. Medeiros

Mirabilia Journal, n.20, 2015

Here can be found the first unabridged translation to Portuguese of one of the texts that is part of the group of sources known as The Dialogues of Solomon and Saturn, followed also by the first translation of the Nine Herbs Charm from the Lacnunga manuscript, both from the period of Anglo-Saxon England (5th – 11th centuries). In a parallel analysis, these texts might be considered one of the most enigmatic and – concerning the first one – the less studied by the tradition of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval literary studies. With a content that share elements from the Germanic past, Anglo-Saxon popular magical practices, elements from Greco-Roman culture and Judeo-Christian apocryphal literature.

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