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‘Óðinn from Lejre’: An Interim Report

Carl Edlund Anderson & John Niles

Persons interested in Viking-Age Scandinavia (and in the connections between Beowulf and Lejre) may be interested to have before them an English-language summary of a recent article, published in Danish, reporting on a unique Viking-Age object discovered in 2009 outside the village of Gammel Lejre, Denmark. The complete article — ‘Odin fra Lejre’, is by Tom Christensen, the archaeologist in charge of the ongoing excavations at Lejre. The full text can be found in the 2010 issue of ROMU, the annual journal of Roskilde Museum (pages 7–25). Included there are over two dozen images, chiefly in color, that display that remarkable object to best advantage and help to place it within a broadly European context. This summary gives the gist of Christensen’s article along with a selection of its photos, reproduced here in black and white. Reports on the earlier excavations at Lejre are included in Beowulf and Lejre, ed. by J.D. Niles and M. Osborn with contributions by T. Christensen (Tempe AZ, 2007).

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Click here to read Odin fra Lejre from Tom Christensen.