Call for Essays: Folk-Metal: Critical Essays on Identity, Myth and Culture

Jenny Butler

Essays are invited for a forthcoming edited collection,


Folk-Metal: Critical Essays on  Identity, Myth and Culture. Folk-metal and its sub-genres and related categories such as “Pagan-metal”, “Viking-metal”, “Celtic-metal” and “Medieval-metal”, is a style of music that developed in Europe during the 1990s, fusing traditional or folk music with heavy metal music forms. In this musical style, traditional musical instruments are employed as well as lyrical references to folklore, mythology and traditional culture. Material allusions to these themes are also made in album artwork and performers’ dress styles. This genre has a particular aesthetic and rootedness in the cultures of Europe and is intertwined with these cultures in regard to symbols, religion, history, heritage, ethnicity and cultural traditions.

This interdisciplinary anthology proposes to explore the folk-metal genre as a cultural form in itself, by examining the relationship between the music, national identity and cultural traditions. Contributions are invited from scholars in the disciplines of folkloristics, ethnomusicology, music, cultural studies and related fields.