Call for Papers Kalamazoo 2015: Ēast Mēteþ West: Eastern Europe and Anglo-Saxon England

The archaeological record has established a connection between Anglo-Saxon England and Eastern Europe, both the Byzantine South and the Baltic North. This session explores what effect this contact may have had on the literature and culture of early medieval England. Papers with several different foci are being solicited: explorations of direct or indirect influence between Eastern and Western Europe and examinations of their routes of transmission; depictions of Eastern Europe in Anglo-Saxon literature; Eastern Christian influence on Anglo-Saxon works and belief; and comparative study of the literature or history of both regions are all welcome. By emphasizing the interconnectedness of cultures in the early Middle Ages by examining more distant rather than more proximate examples, this session emphasizes the breadth of cultural influence in early England and the extent of the Anglo-Saxons’ reach. Moreover, it brings into conversation scholarship on two distinct regions of Europe that nevertheless have much in common (the reorganization of political boundaries due to migration, an expanding zone of Christian belief administered through a central imperial city, the beginnings of expansionist northern empires) which benefit from dialogue.

Please send abstracts to:

Dr. Jeremy DeAngelo
University of Connecticut
215 Glenbrook Road
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Storrs, CT 06269