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Call for Papers (IMC 2015): “The Use and Abuse of the Middle Ages in Modern Society”

Scholarship in historiography and memory studies has long acknowledged the use of the past in the construction of the contemporary present. More recent work has recognized the way in which the medieval past has been used in areas as diverse as from arguing for the legally liberated woman of first-wave feminism (Stafford 1993), to the co-opting of Crusader terminology for the ‘War on Terror’ (Pugh and Weisl 2013) and as a part of creating museum and governmental policy (de Groot 2009). The problems of the use and abuse of the medieval in the modern plays a challenging part of modern life and is a topic that needs to be explored, problematized, better understood and more
widely discussed.

This series of sessions will explore the multiple ways that the medieval past has been used by early modern and modern societies as part of political or social agendas, and is seeking papers on these ideas.

Paper proposals of no more than 200 words for 20-minute papers should be sent to Dr Katherine Weikert (Katherine.weikert@winchester.ac.uk) and Karl Christian Alvestad (k.alvestad.12@winchester.ac.uk) no later than 31 August 2014 in order for the materials to be reviewed and sessions to be proposed by the IMC deadline of 30 September 2014. Please include your current post and affiliation (or a brief outline of qualifications if not currently affiliated) and contact information. Papers are encouraged not only from established academics but also early career scholars as well as practitioners in the fields of museums, archaeology and government. This strand intends to include modernists working in medievalism as well as medievalists considering the modern.

For more information and details on this call and the IMC 2015 at Leeds click here>>