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Runic and Latin Written Culture: Co-Existence and Interaction of Two Script Cultures in the Norwegian Middle Ages

Stephanie Elisabeth Baur

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen: Deutsches Seminar Abteilung für Skandinavistik, Magisterarbeit, 14. Juni (2011)

When Latin writing finally reached Scandinavia sometime in the 11th century, it was met by a strong and well established runic writing tradition which had been in permanent use for over 800 years. Latin script culture came in the wake of Christianity and church organisation, and the Latin alphabet was by this point of time already deeply rooted in social, political, and religious institutions in which it served as a pragmatic writing system. However, in spite of the powerful apparatus in the service of which Latin writing stood, the native script culture was not immediately superseded by the newly arrived script system.

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