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Genesis A: A New Edition, Revised

A. N. Doane

Among Old English poems, Genesis A is second only to Beowulf in age, length, and importance. This is a completely revised version of the original 1978 edition, with new and reconsidered discussions of the manuscript, biblical background, age, and sources of the poem, and with a completely updated review of the considerable scholarly work on the poem of the past thirty-five years. The conservative text is presented with reference to its manuscript context as far as is compatible with print, with a facing page reconstruction of the Vulgate and Old Latin sources. There is a revised line-by-line commentary, explaining all important editorial decisions and cultural/historical background to individual points; the revised glossary is an index verborum. All Latin quotations are provided with English translations. This edition is intended to be readable and teachable while presenting the full philological, historical, and critical background of the poem and will be useful for rereading and studying Genesis A by advanced scholars and for classroom use with students who already have experience of reading Old English poetry.

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