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The Fearless Vampire Killers: A Note about the Icelandic Draugr  and Demonic Contamination in Grettis Saga

Ármann Jakobsson

In 1897 Andrew Lang referred to Gla´mr, one of Iceland’s most celebrated mediaeval ghosts, as a “vampire” in his The Book of Dreams and Ghosts. This article examines the arguments for such a categorisation, which are mainly the similarfunction of vampires and the Icelandic ghosts. It goes on to examine the case of Gla´mr; in particular, how his condition as a supernatural Other has been transmitted from a previous unspecified demon and the implications this has forthe character of the well-known saga hero Grettir who eventually becomesGla´mr’s “slayer.” It argues that as Gla´mr had also been hired as a “vampireslayer” of sorts, Grettir and Gla´mr are in a sense doubles; and that the Gla´mr episode of Grettis saga highlights both his resilience in the face of evil but also thedanger that goes with monster fighting and the lonely condition of the monster fighter.

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