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Eduard Sievers’ Heliand (1878)


herausgegeben von Eduard Sievers


About the edition

This is an electronic facsimile edition of Sievers’ authoritative edition of the Old Saxon Heliand (1878):

Sievers, Eduard: Heliand. Verlag der Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses, Halle 1878. xliv+542 p. (Germanistische Handbibliothek IV)

The 1878 edition has been reprinted in 1935:

Sievers, Eduard: Heliand. Titelauflage vermehrt um das Prager Fragment des Heliand und die Vaticanischen Fragmente von Heliand und Genesis. Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses G.M.B.H., Halle (Saale) – Berlin 1935. 20+xliv+542 p. (Germanistische Handbibliothek IV)

The images used in this edition were gradually scanned in the course of 2001 and 2002 from a copy generously loaned by Ghent University (Bibliotheek L38, Duitse taalkunde, shelf mark R II 4). Each page was scanned with an HP Scanjet 5470c scanner and saved as a 600 dpi bilevel (i.e. monochrome) TIFF image measuring 2560 x 4400 pixels. Further processing was almost entirely done using W3C  standards and open source software: Imagemagick 5.5.5  to apply CCITT Group 4 compression to the original TIFF files and to generate the PNG images; XSLT stylesheets  and Michael Kay’s Saxon 6.5.2  XSLT processor to generate the HTML pages; XSL Formatting Objects  and Apache FOP 0.20.5rc  to build the PDF documents.

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