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Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Religion, Ideology and Cultural Practices in the Old Norse World

1st of March 2013 – Aarhus University (Denmark)

The Student Symposium has now been an on-going tradition for 6 years. We are proud to say that though it has grown a lot in size, quality and internationality since the first time, the Student Symposium is still arranged for students, by students, with students as speakers.

This year the theme is more focused than last year. This change is intended to create an oppertunity for students from different fields to exchange relevant research, and it will hopefully increase the feeling of interdiciplinary relevance. The broad scope within the theme, but between disciplines, is one of the things that make the Student Symposium an excellent place to get new ideas and meet interesting people.

  • Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for the next Student Symposium can now be found here. Deadline for submissions is November 30th 2012.

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