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Runic Sword and Raw Materials-Anglo-Saxon Interaction with Northern Gaul

Presentation of Two Research Projects at the Musée d’Archéologie Nationale

Svante Fischer & Jean Soulat

Tis paper is based on two internatio-nal research projects. It discusses twodifferent groups of objects, runic ringsword pommels, and pottery found inMerovingian Gaul and Anglo-SaxonKent (fig. 1). First, Volume I of Les Seigneurs des Anneaux (Runic inscrip-tions of France) (IRF 1), a study of 37ring sword pommels and two scabbardmouths, is presented (Fischer et al.2008). Second, a study of 213 objects of possible Anglo-Saxon origin foundin northern Gaul is presented, includi-ng 133 brooches and some 60 pottery objects (Soulat forthcoming b). It isconcluded that our comparative map-ping of the runic swords, pottery andbrooches suggests that the distributionpatterns reflect a limited Anglo-Saxonsettlement in Gaul on the one hand, whereas the runic Bifrons-Gilton typering sword pommels appear to be indicative of a brief implantation of Merovingian hegemony in Kent during MA 2 (520/30–560/70).

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