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 The supernatural geography of the middle ages

Arngrímur Vídalín

The 15th International Saga Conference 5th–11th of August 2012 Aarhus Universitet.

Much has been written on supernatural occurences in fornaldarsögur these last years, so that in comparison Íslendingasögur seem almost to have been left out. I would specifically like to mention the 13th International Saga Conference in Durham 2006, and the three anthologies on fornaldarsögur edited by Agneta Ney, Annette Lassen and Ármann Jakobsson as examples of the invaluable quantities of research done on legendary sagas in this last decade.  This paper is a step towards another genre, inasmuch as genre is relevant when dealing with medieval literature which for all intents and purposes was thought of as historiography. In this paper I will briefly explore the concept of world view and base my analysis of the supernatural in Íslendingasögur on that. The alotted time is af all too little quantity I am afraid as the research behind the following is quite extensive.

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