Register & Read

Register & Read Beta is a new, experimental program to offer free, read-online access to individual scholars and researchers who register for a MyJSTOR account. Register & Read follows the release of the Early Journal Content as the next step in our efforts to find sustainable ways to extend access to JSTOR, specifically to those not affiliated with participating institutions.

How does it work?

  • When you find an article that’s part of Register & Read, click on the “Get Access” option.
  • Register for a free MyJSTOR account, or log into your account if you already have one.
  • Add the content to your shelf to read the full-text online. After 14 days, you may remove it and add new items to your shelf.
  • PDF versions of some articles will also be available for purchase and download. If you purchase articles from your shelf, the PDF versions may be stored and accessed in your MyJSTOR account at any time.

Register & Read includes approximately 75 journals from more than 40 publishers, a subset of the content in JSTOR. This includes content from the first volume and issue published for these journals through a recent year (generally 3-5 years ago). We plan to add more titles at a later date. See a list of the titles and publishers. Register & Read is a beta program, and we expect to adjust aspects of the program as needed. This may include both functionality and the available content.

If you would like to be notified of updates to Register & Read, you may follow us on Twitter or Facebook. New to JSTOR? Learn more about us.

Read the Register & Read FAQ
Download a Register & Read handout
Watch a video about Register & Read

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